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Analysis and forecast of fingerprint lock market

- Jun 13, 2017 -

In China, since 2002, fingerprint identification technology products have accounted for more than 80% of the biometric application market share. 2005 China fingerprint recognition market reached 5 billion yuan, the market share of fingerprint lock products exceeded 30%.

A survey shows that China's fingerprint lock market demand will be a geometric level of growth, is expected to 2008, only the fingerprint lock product market will reach tens of billions of yuan scale. In recent years, the hot development of real estate and infrastructure industry has created favorable conditions for the market development of fingerprint lock.

Although there is a broad prospect, but China's fingerprint lock market is still few manufacturers involved. A qualified fingerprint lock, must adopt the international leading level intelligent chip and the high standard installment material, this decided its rigidity cost in thousand yuan above, at the same time because has the extremely high science and technology added value, the fingerprint lock market price generally is more expensive, moreover the consumer cognition lack, in the market development has certain difficulty.

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