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Knowledge of lock Installation

- Jun 13, 2017 -

First, the installation of the lock

1. Experienced carpenter should be hired or the master with considerable knowledge of the lock should be installed. And according to the product specification in the fixed distance model to open the hole, chisel support nest, lock and buckle plate and lock box hole, in order to prepare before installation.

2. Check whether the hole is accurate, and should be strictly according to the steps in the product installation instructions. If the lock switch is found to be inflexible or not open after installation, we should consult the locksmith Master in time.

3. Product installation and inspection no problem, the product will be removed, the door painted and dry after the lock to reload, the purpose is: to avoid the paint stuck in the lock products, affect the appearance and use performance (often because of the paint stuck to the lock after the transmission is not flexible) because the paint is not dry when the chemical gas will be the product corrosion, accelerate the surface treatment of the product change, affect the appearance and reduce the life of the lock.

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