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Lock construction and unlocking principle

- Sep 23, 2017 -

The lock is opened with a key. Why the same key to open the same lock? In the previous section has been described in the state of unlocking, that is, the key to lock the ball hole all the ball back to the lock heart and lock the ball mouth of the contact surface, in order to twist the lock will lock open. This determines that the key must be able to lock the ball hole in the hole all the ball back to the contact surface (lock and lock heart), to play the unlock function. Because the manufacturers to produce the lock, the lock body of the ball is the same size of the ball, the same length, and lock heartball hole within the box is equal to the size of the length is not necessarily equal. This determines the depth of the concave groove of the corresponding key. For example, in accordance with the general one of the five alveolar key, and the key corresponding to the lock must be the center of the lock and the lock body has five ball hole (except for the card hole) in the lock body of the hole and the heart of the ball hole Coincide with five holes into the hole, each box hole has a spring, two balls.

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