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Lock Market Analysis Overview

- Jun 13, 2017 -

With the emergence of high-grade buildings in China, the high-end lock market has attracted the attention of foreign enterprises. At present, many foreign famous lock enterprises have flocked to China. It can be seen that if our system lock enterprises do not seize the time, and strive to develop high-end lock products, we will lose this market.

According to analysis, China's high-end lock has four space to be developed.

Core Lock: Is the mainstream of development

From the current lock market situation, the door lock market in a long time, will still be mechanical lock mainly. The core lock is more development potential than the spherical door lock, because the core lock is more advantageous than the spherical door lock in the anti-theft performance and the applicable range when using.

Car Lock: Large market capacity

The expansion of automobile lock market mainly stems from the increase of automobile production. The gradual growth of automobile production and sales has provided a big development space for the automobile lock market. It is understood that at present, China's automobile lock market sales from the overall view of the basic balance, and with the new projects of some enterprises on the horse or expansion, there may be oversupply situation.

In addition, the development of agricultural vehicles will provide a broad market for the lock industry. In recent three years, China's agricultural vehicle production and sales volume has increased significantly, with the agricultural vehicle "car", the car lock demand will also be increased, therefore, the enterprises should use their brains in this regard.

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