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The analysis of Lock knowledge

- Jun 13, 2017 -

The development of lock, from ancient to present, its function and characteristic also unceasingly changes.

1. Characteristics

Now the market has a wide variety of locks, on the door, according to the use of portal lock, bedroom lock, channel lock, bathroom lock, etc. according to the shape of the ball-type lock, hand lock, mortise lock, lock, etc. Ball lock and hand lock have three functions of lock, handle and touch ball. Lock to install the door handle separately.

Shan Household Door Lock: Insurance safety function, so also known as the insurance lock or anti-theft lock.

Shan Channel Lock: The door handle and impact beads, no insurance function, suitable for kitchen, hall, living room, restaurant and children's door lock.

Shan bathroom Lock: Features can be locked in the inside, the door external key can be opened for use in the bathroom or bathroom.

Shan bedroom Lock: In the inside locks the insurance, outside must use the key to open, applies in the bedroom and the balcony door.

The materials used for the lock are mainly copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy, steel, aluminum or aluminum alloy.

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