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The development of ancient Chinese lock

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Lock, in China's development has thousands of years of history, in ancient China has been the existence of locks, the types of ancient Chinese locks are roughly divided into the reed structure lock and text combination lock two broad categories. The reed structure lock can be divided into wide locks, Citigroup locks, instruments of torture locks and jewelry locks four kinds, mostly horizontal locks, for doors, cabinets, boxes.

Canton Lock: Qing Daiguang years produced in Shaoxing, commonly known as "Shaoxing lock", folk also known as "horizontal lock", "Spring lock" or "pillow lock." Mostly copper, the front is concave, and the end faces are triangular and rectangular combinations. Before the Ming Dynasty, the wide-lock is copper, the end of the long cylindrical shape. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, the broad locks are copper, the upper part of the end is triangular and the lower part is obliquely square. After the Qing dynasty, most of its material is brass, also has Yunnan nickel-steel and iron, the end face Upper and Ming and Qing dynasties, the lower part is square. Iron wide lock taken before the Ming Dynasty wide-lock style, its end is long cylindrical shape, there are three hoop, five hoop, car and other types.

Citigroup Lock: "Flower" refers to the pattern, "flag" has meaning. "Citi Lock" is a national traditional custom, the general use of gold and silver copper and other materials refined to copper, the most. Mostly used in cabinets, boxes, drawers and so on, the shape is exquisite, has the blessing meaning.

Jewelry Lock: Decorative metal locks, many for gold and silver materials. Chain string good, hanging in the neck, like Italy, heart, silver piece, flowers and animals and other modelling. The lock surface is engraved with exquisite flowers and birds, as well as Fu, Lu, Shou, Hi, longevity, Ruyi auspicious and so on.

Instruments of torture: Also known as the personal lock, used to lock the chain, the wood of the iron locks.

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