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The traceability of lock culture

- Jun 13, 2017 -

The lock, from the invention to the present, has been occupying an important position in people's life. Lock is not only human life supplies, but also culture (folklore), it represents a country and national different historical period of culture.

China's lock has been stretched for thousands of of years, it and human private ownership almost simultaneously born. At first, humans simply wrapped up the personal valuables with skins, which were securely tied outside, and at last made special knots at the opening. This knot tied tightly to death can only be picked with a tool called "wrong". Wrong, also called "Shaw", "Knife", "screwdriver". It is made of animal teeth or animal bones, shaped like a sickle-shaped hook, in fact, the knot is the earliest lock, "wrong" is the first key, which is the embryonic form of our country's locks. This Shan from Shang Dynasty to the Han Dynasty, after the use of jade system, evolved into the aristocratic costumes on the ornaments. In the Yangshao culture period of 5,000 years, the ancestors of our country created the Mu Yi (see "Chinese Encyclopedia, Light Industry volume"). This is the world's oldest lock, can be called "the world's first lock."


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