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The type of padlock

- Jun 09, 2018 -

Padlock type

1. according to the way of unlocking

The padlock opened with a key for mutual opening rate is higher, especially a small size, high mutual opening rate is not suitable.

Therefore, we have studied the password padlock. Its characteristics: up to 10000 kinds of passwords.

2. According to the material

Astainless steel padlock: This padlock is characterized by its strong antioxidant capacity and suitable for outdoor applications, but because of its difficulty in processing and high cost, it is seldom used in China.

B, copper padlock: the main material for the lock is copper, the main use of the more common small copper padlock, that is, the size below 40mm, the main copper price is high.

3. iron padlock: the use is very common.

A, electroplated iron padlock: table

B, iron padlock: gray paint treatment with a surface, after many colored padlock, are such.

C, copper imitation padlock: in fact, it belongs to the electroplated iron padlock, refers to the surface of copper plating

4, zinc alloy padlock: this kind of padlock is formed by the die casting machine, and the precision is high.

Three. According to shape

1, Square lock,Rectangle lock.

2, 3, U-shaped lock chain lock

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