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There are several types of locks

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Lock according to different models and functions, the variety of locks about tens of thousands of species, we can be easily mastered by different methods to classify, so that everyone in the daily life can better grasp the application of the lock.

Classified by material: Lock has cast iron padlock metal lock copper lock aluminum alloy lock Zinc alloy lock stainless steel lock and plastic lock.

Classification by structure: lock with mechanical structure and non mechanical mechanism lock. Mechanical mechanism lock is widely used.

The mechanical structure consists of six kinds of structure, such as rotating shaft structure, fixed-plate structure, spring-type structural structure, and marble structure. The lock must be opened with a key.

Classification by use: Lock padlock construction lock Furniture lock bicycle Lock industrial lock traffic with lock and various special with lock. The padlock is locked on the locked object and is removed when opened. It has 4 kinds of structural forms, such as straight open transverse opening and open double opening, in which two different keys are used to open the double padlock.

The building lock as the door fittings are fixedly mounted on the doors and the door frames. It consists of a lock panel, a hand cover plate and a key. There are three basic forms of door lock and lock core and spherical door lock.

The furniture lock includes drawer lock cupboard door lock and box lock. The lock core groove direction of the drawer lock is consistent with the movement direction of the lock tongue. The lock core direction of the cupboard door is perpendicular to the movement direction of the lock tongue.

The bicycle lock uses the crab clamp and the bar lock body more, the lock tongue is slender, also has uses the steel wire rope lock chain Lock and the lock, inserts the lock to latch the form to lock the wheel. According to have the keyless classification: The lock has the key control class lock and the keyless control class lock. The former is to use the key to open, the latter is directly in the lock body of the switch mechanism to control the locking and opening. The switch mechanism mainly has a number of password and key password two structural forms. The password is stored directly in the user's memory.

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