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Types of electronic anti-theft locks

- Jun 13, 2017 -

In the lock industry, the classification and function of various locks are paid attention to. Common electronic anti-theft locks mainly include remote-controlled electronic anti-theft lock, keyboard-type electronic password lock, card-proof electronic anti-theft lock, biometric anti-theft lock four kinds.

Remote-controlled electronic anti-theft lock

At present, the common remote-controlled electronic anti-theft lock mainly has the light remote control and the radio remote control two kinds. Light remote control is divided into infrared remote control and visible light remote control, optical remote control using narrow angle of light transmission password, the advantage is that the transmission of information can be very large, very fast, the human eye is not recognized, and can not be in the light path (between the operator and the electronic anti-theft lock subject) to the instrument to capture signals to try to replicate, so confidentiality is very high The advantage of radio remote control is also the transmission of information can be very large, fast, human eye recognition does not come out, but the emission of the signal dispersion space, easy to be captured by the instrument, so suitable for the use of "changing password", such as the so-called "Jump Code", "Roll Code" (both random changes and no obvious law), so that even if the signal is captured at that time is not used, the value Using remote-controlled electronic anti-theft locks requires careful safekeeping of the remote control (ie, the key), and for some applications the key is a little larger and may require a specific battery.

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