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Hardware Accessories Enterprises Need To Pay Attention To Lock Maintenance

- Jun 13, 2017 -

In the daily decoration of people, the door and window decoration often ignores the strict control of the lock. Although the lock is a small accessory, it plays a vital role in life. Lock and doors and windows of the service life is closely linked, to the use of windows and doors for a long time, we will be in life carefully maintained good locks. The following small series will be high-speed to give you some day-to-day maintenance of the lock tips.

First, when the lock is not too neat, you need to apply a layer of lubricant on the tongue, then will use more flexibility.

Second, although the lubricant can play a layer of moisturizing effect, but some lock heart really can not that refueling, such as the Mother Bead Lock heart.

Three, the lock core can not touch the liquid, because it will be small spring rust.

Four, anti-theft door has a flower lattice type, to prevent the use of wire into the hook open automatic lock of the oblique lock pull, the door opened.

When opening the door, do not use the key directly pull open the door, the key to open the door lock, the heart did not return to the original position directly pull the key to open the door, this will accelerate the use of the lock life.

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