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Hardware Lock Brand Awareness Of The Difference In The Development Of Industry

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Brand awareness is poor, is China's hardware lock industry a common phenomenon. Rob that the most direct performance is the enterprise used in design and development, purchase advanced equipment and molds, training professionals and after-sales service and other aspects of the lack of investment, seriously restricting the development of the industry. The poor brand awareness makes the development of enterprise narrow, industrial chain can not be extended, it is difficult to form a matching product, metal locks are China's metal products industry's traditional industry, in the context of economic globalization, the lock industry to change the development of ideas to meet the needs of consumers at different levels at home and abroad, the lock industry to achieve good and fast development. Hardware lock is related to each of our families, units and public security, with the progress of different styles, materials, structures, functions of the metal lock variety in endlessly.

More than 30 years of reform and opening up, China's hardware lock industry has grown in size, product coverage has been widening, corporate brand gradually stronger, industry competition into the hot. At present, China's most important metal lock production base in Zhejiang, Guangdong, in the product category, padlock, spherical lock, hand lock, etc. still has a larger market space, but the special purpose lock products also with the upstream product development is changing, intelligent lock, building walkie-talkie has become a modern social life supporting the indispensable functional products.

Seemingly inconspicuous small hardware locks, in fact, contains a huge gold mine. At present, China's hardware lock industry annual sales of about 60 billion yuan, production of more than 2 billion, has become the world's largest manufacturer of metal lock products and consumer countries, and formed a Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong three major production base. Products from the main padlock, the development of more than 20 categories more than 100 series of more than 8,000 varieties and specifications; from the traditional single tongue door lock, double tongue lock to the development of spherical door lock, hand lock, core lock, Electronic lock, magnetic card lock, IC lock, car lock, motorcycle lock, fingerprint lock, digital lock, and the direction of integration of mechatronics, intelligent and functional and decorative, basically formed a high, medium and low-grade supporting product system.

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