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How To Change The Anti-theft Door Lock Core?

- Jun 13, 2017 -

The steps of changing the anti-theft door lock core

1. Remove the lock panel. After selecting the lock core, find the lock on the back of the fixed lock panel two screws, unscrew the handle panel up and down two screws, the panel is taken down. As long as the Phillips screwdriver is ready, it can be done, and it is simple.

2, screw the good, put the screws, unscrew the lock on both sides of the screw, but to note that the installation should not be the two screws too tight, lest the security door handle too tight to open. Remove the handle first and then remove the lock cap.

3, the lock core placed in the sleeve unloading, with the screws put together, remember the disassembly steps, return is the same. All things removed are unified and not lost.

4, will be fixed lock core screw out, remove the lock core, if the removal of the screws with the hand can not pull out the lock core, it is necessary to use the hammer left or right lock to knock, and then try again.

5, according to step 3 method to install the lock core anti-theft shell after the installation of the handle, the installation of handles, the safety plug is inserted, and then install the handle above.

6, install and close the handle inside and outside the hand, the best someone to help hold down, the two symmetrical pandering, and then continue the next step.

7, adjust the inside and outside the handle, must be good coordination, screw holes to be aimed at the nut, or with a flashlight after the light to rotate the screws.

8, the screws inserted vertically, insert screws if the inside of the nut is not allowed, please use the fingers to shake the screws, the general rotation of the screw friends can experience the screw alignment.

9, the fixed panel, tightening screws, note that the screws can not be too tight, the hand to receive the obedience, it can not be flexible rotation.

10, the last is to try the effect, must pay attention to open the door and try again, so as not to be locked outside, the door did not repair and have to start again. It can be rotated 360 degrees by inserting the key to insure that all normal rear can be manually.

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