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Lock Core Must Be Selected, Security Door Is Reliable

- Jun 13, 2017 -

We use the lock every day, it has become the guardian of our life, the closest friend. So, do you know your friends in depth? From the structure of the lock, let us know how your friend protects your family's safety.

The first:, structure of the brass lock core (market share 50%): This structure of the core is the earliest of the original lock core structure, mainly through a number of, marbles to lock the lock and lock core shell, as long as each, up and down movement to the appropriate position can unlock, very easy to open.

Second kind: The lock core of blade structure (occupancy 30%): This structure of the lock core is through the rotation of the blade structure inside the lock, so that the gap on the blade to form a straight groove, so that the core of the lock inside the blade in the straight groove can be unlocked, as long as the location of the blade is easy to unlock.

Third Kind: finger bead structure of the lock core (occupancy 1%): This structure of the lock is the same as the Serpentine Groove, single row, double row, many rows of curves in fact, the work principle is the same, mainly to allow the lock core in parallel to the finger bead movement to achieve the location of the match, to unlock.

The fourth kind: the son mother double bead structure's lock core (occupancy 3%): This kind of structure's lock core is by the inside and outside two layers nested type lock bead to compose, only when inside and outside two layers lock bead all tallies the time can unlock, greatly increases the unlocking difficulty!

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