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Materials And Surface Treatment Of Locks

- Jun 13, 2017 -

When people buy locks, they are generally concerned that the lock is not durable or will be rusty or oxidized in a very long time. This problem is related to the use of materials and surface treatment problems.

From a durable point of view, the best materials should be stainless steel, especially used as surface materials, the more light. Its strength is good, the corrosion resistance is strong, the color is invariable. But stainless steel also has a variety, mainly can be divided into ferrite and austenite. Ferritic stainless steel has magnetic, commonly known as rust iron, long time, the environment will rust, only austenitic stainless steel can not rust, the identification method is very simple, with a magnet test can be identified.

Copper is one of the most widely used lock materials, its mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and processing performance are good, and bright color, especially copper forging handle and other lock decorative pieces, surface formation, good density, no blowhole, sand hole. Both strong and rust-proof, can be used for plating 24K gold or sand gold and other surface treatment, appear magnificent, noble and generous, to people's home to add a lot of color.

Zinc alloy material, its strength and rust-proof ability is much worse, but its advantage is easy to make complex patterns of parts, especially pressure casting. The more complex patterns seen in the market are likely to be made of zinc alloys, and consumers should carefully identify them.

Steel, good strength, low cost, but easy to rust, generally used as a lock internal structure materials used, not suitable for external decoration.

Aluminum or aluminum alloy, ordinary aluminum (except aerospace) soft and light, material strength is lower, but easy to process forming.

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