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Notes On The Selection Of Hardware Locks

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Metal lock materials in the market complex classification, processing technology, and specifications are not the same, then how to select the door hardware locks, small compiled a number of hardware manuals, inside for how to select the hardware lock with a detailed description.

A look at lock material

The lock material in the market is basically divided into stainless steel, copper and zinc alloy. Stainless steel high strength, corrosion resistance, not discoloration, is the best lock material; Copper is more general, mechanical performance is superior, high price; lock with high-quality zinc alloy solid wear-resistant, strong corrosion resistance, and easy to shape, more for the mid-range lock.

Second look at the lock surface treatment

Surface treatment is roughly divided into electroplating, spraying and coloring three kinds, the lock through the surface treatment on the product surface to form a layer of dense protective film, play the role of anti-corrosion and rust, so that the lock is more beautiful and durable. The protective film is also a measure of the quality of the lock with a good quality of the lock, the use of electroplating treatment, plating delicate and smooth, uniform and moderate, bright color, no bubbles, rust and oxidation signs.

Three see the lock implements the standard

Foreign for hardware locks have very stringent standards, so the quality of imported products is relatively high some. We can start to feel the lock is good or bad. In general, the feeling of heavy locks, the quality is relatively high; the lock body can not be exposed to sharp, easy to hurt people, especially attention should be paid to lock the end of the lock handle, the lock tongue and the four corners of the lock body three positions; lock Spring good lock open flexible, high sensitivity, long service life. Locks also exist in a variety of styles, it is important to pay attention to the style of the interior door to maintain consistency.

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