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The Development Of Lock Industry In China Cannot Be Resisted

- Jun 13, 2017 -

In recent years, with the rapid development of our country's hardware market, the lock market has taken the lead, and the overall capacity of the lock market has now reached 70 billion, while Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai and Shandong are the main focus of lock manufacturers. Lock the market in the characteristics of the sharp edge gradually dew. The characteristic here is the development model of industrial cluster, the number of enterprises locked in the cluster and the comprehensive production of enterprises, cluster lock industry market growth momentum strong, high sales, export growth rate is high, and import speed is also increasing, lock industry high-end market international share is also more and more.

After decades of reform and opening-up, China's lock industry, a traditional and emerging industry, has accelerated its evolution to modern manufacturing. By the end of 2012, China locks the industry has formed an annual output value of 60 billion yuan, China is a well-deserved global first lock manufacturing power.

From the development of quality, hardware including lock industry in product quality, research and design capabilities, independent brand and marketing channel construction, total factor productivity and international competitiveness there are still significant gaps. China Lock Enterprises should continue to enhance their independent innovation capabilities, high-end manufacturing capabilities, marketing capabilities and brand influence to promote China from the lock manufacturing power to the manufacturing power transformation.

At present, the national lock annual sales of up to 2.2 billion, only fingerprint lock the commercial market demand of up to 5 million sets per year, such as for corporate finance, military police stations, office life. According to nine is building materials network understanding, at the same time the demand of the civil market is also growing. Whether it is a traditional mechanical lock, or modern electronic locks, even including the current access lock in high-rise buildings, China's lock manufacturing industry as a whole in an irresistible development.

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