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The Development Tendency Of Valor Lock Co,.ltd 2018

- Aug 07, 2017 -

       Chaoge Locks Co.Ltd. has made substantial upgrading of its products on the basis of the national policies towards environmental protection during these years as well as the understanding of market. On one hand, we have extended the factory building and launched training program targeting workers and elementary administrators on regular basis about enhancing security awareness and how to promote productive efficiency. On the other hand, we have introduced new CNC multifunctional processing center which helps finishing total automatization, promoting productive efficiency, ensuring product quality and saving labor force. Therefore, the company began entering European and American market by launching new products such as #45 steel locks, #304 stainless steel locks ,whole brass padlocks and iron padlock as well as other high end products. After more than a years promotion, we have opened European and American market which has acquired favorable effects. We believe we will have a bright future and become a leading producer in the field of padlocks.

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