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Three Kinds Of Security Level Of Anti-theft Door Lock Core

- Jun 13, 2017 -

A-level lock

At present the market A-level anti-theft lock key mainly has a word key and cross key. The inner structure of a-level lock is very simple, limited to the change of marbles, and the billiard groove is small and shallow. Anti-Technical opening time within 1 minutes, the rate of mutual opening is extremely high. The billiard structure is a single row of marbles or a cross lock.

B-Class Lock

B-Class lock key for the flat key, there are two rows of billiard groove, and A-level lock is different from the key is a row of irregular lines. The main type of lock core is 3 kinds, computer double row lock core, double row Crescent lock core, double sided vane lock core. Anti-technical opening time within 5 minutes, high rate of mutual opening. The lock core can be opened in 1 minutes by means of a strong twisting tool.

Lock God Super C-level lock

The key shape is the positive and negative vane structure key slot, the lock core type is the bilateral column lock core; The Ministry of Public Security test 800 minutes cannot open, the regional mutual opening rate is 0 (one-zero). The blade structure is 48 blades with bilateral column locking, and if the lock core is opened with a strong twisting tool, the inner of the core is destroyed and the self explosive lock is dead, which can not be opened.

Teach you how to pick a secure lock:

Buy the lock and look at the key's "teeth." The more teeth, the deeper the teeth, the more complex the arrangement, the greater the difficulty of opening, the better the anti-theft performance.

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